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Finalists 1st edition

winners 1st edition

Do you want to know more about the type of projects we are looking for? See the winning projects of the 1st Edition of X Talento Challenge

  • “Pastidentes” - Team PEDRAZA - IES FRANCISCA DE PEDRAZA (Madrid)

    Medicine dispenser for people with visual disability.
    Strengths: Digital technology used to promote inclusion and independence of people with disabilities.

  • “Design and manufacture of adaptations and support products” - Team SUPERMAKERS - FUNDACIÓN RAFA PUEDE (Murcia)

    Design of support products that provide customised solutions adapted to the needs of people with functional diversity or groups.
    Strengths: Accessible design and improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.

  • “Measurement app for students with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)” - CALDERONES Team - IES CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA (Madrid)

    An APP connected to wearables with a data collection and analysis system that helps people with attention deficit Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    Strengths: Digital technology and the improvement of the learning process for groups with learning difficulties.

Finalists 1st edition

Learn about the ten finalists who amazed the jury with their talent and creativity at the last edition:

  • “Vístete a ciegas” - EVG - ESCUELA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE (Badajoz)

    Smart wardrobe that manages the clothes of a person with visual disabilities, allowing them to choose their outfits independently.
    Strengths: Digital technology and independence of persons with disabilities.

  • “Without barriers all-in” - INFLUENCER - IES ÁLVAREZ CUBERO (Córdoba)

    Immersive experiences to create empathy with the situation of people with reduced mobility or with problems hearing or seeing.


    Assisted interventions with animals to improve aspects of social, educational and emotional relationships for people with and without disabilities.
    Strengths: Inclusive leasure and fostering empathy with groups with disabilities.


    Manufacture and sale of unique and artisanal products for specific campaigns and events.
    Strengths:Customisation of products and job placement of at-risk groups.

  • “Flavours in community”” - COOK 4 YOU - IESO PUBLIO LÓPEZ MONDÉJAR (Cuenca)

    Preparation of food boxes characteristic of different cultures and countries, from a philosophy of fair trade, sustainability, inclusion and social responsibility.
    Strengths: Cultural diversity and inclusion of migrant groups.


    Company specialised in converting gyms to guarantee accessibility for people with visual disabilities (development of an app with exercise routines, QR codes, signs in Braille, etc.).
    Strengths: Inclusive, accessible leisure. Independence and full participation of people with disabilities.

  • “For a more accessible educational environment for all” - PPE y FP - IES PABLO NERUDA (Madrid))

    Accessibility consulting company to facilitate the elimination of existing physical, communicative, documentary and social barriers in schools and colleges.
    Strengths: DALCO criteria and accessibility in educational environments.