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The goal of developing this website is to reach an AA ("double A") level of accessibility according to the Content Accessibility Guidelines on Web 2.0 established by the W3C. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international association made up of different organisations, personnel and the public at large working together to develop standards in order to foster and disseminate good practices in web development.


  • The website is responsive, which means that it can adapt the right form for any size of screen or device, making it easier to read, and likewise adapting to the screen zoom.
  • The images included in the pages include a brief description of the information they contain. This way, users of screen readers or text-only browsers can get a better understanding of the meaning of an image in a text.
  • We have identified the main language of each page, as well as any change in the natural language of the text, which makes it easier to process and be understood by user of screen readers and voice synthesisers.
  • The pages have a logical, clear internal structure both so that users can see all the content, and for those that read the information with a screen reader, users who deactivate the style sheet, etc. Given this objective, we have used HTML code to define the section headers, the lists and all the elements that help users gain an overall understanding of the website.
  • The XHTML and CSS code used matches the formal grammars approved by the W3C in order to ensure proper viewing of the content on different browsers and platforms.
  • We separated the information from its graphic presentation so that users who want to can browse through the contents more quickly, if they choose to deactivate the download of style sheets on their browser.