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Learn about the X Talento Challenge

The X Talento Challenge is an entrepreneurship contest targeted at young people between the ages of 14 and 18, which promotes the development of projects that have a positive social impact on their environment.

It is a contest that fosters twenty-first-century competences: digitalisation, leadership, entrepreneurship, financial knowledge, creativity, decision-making, teamwork, etc. This is why, X Talento Challenge:

  • Encourages the participation of youths aged 14 to 18, from both schools and associations and other organisations, through a joint project with a social impact based on dialogic and cooperative learning.
  • Encourages everyone to listen actively through teams that include youths with and without disabilities.


(17 January to 10 March 2023)
  • We are looking for teams with up to 8 participants (at least 2 with a disability; check legal conditions) with a supervisor (either a teacher, free-time monitor or other).
  • The work teams have to create an initial idea of their social impact project in a very simple way: they have to fill out the fields on the CANVAS SOCIAL template, which is available at in the private area.
  • In their private area, your supervisor (teacher or monitor) will find several resources and a guide that will help them to complete the fields in the deliverable template.


(22 March to 23 April 2023)
  • The jury will choose 25 teams to go on to this phase, when they will receive individualised online training and mentoring to help them to download their project and prepare the next deliverable.
  • The XTalento Challenge seeks to encourage youths to get around and interact beyond their usual circles, as well as to foster inclusion. For this reason, in this phase each of the 25 teams must have 3 individuals with disabilities, so if until now they only had two persons with disabilities, they have to add another. To do so, they can get in contact with the contest organisers and we will help you. (Check the legal conditions).
  • Each work team must submit a roadmap to develop their projects with the help of the mentor they will be assigned and the template provided in the resources section of the private area.


(mayo 2023)
  • Of the 25 teams that will develop their projects, the Jury will choose the 3 winning teams, each of which will receive €6,000 as seed capital to launch their project, as well as different prizes for their members.
  • The announcement of the winning teams and the awards ceremony will be held in June 2023.

The 25 work teams that go on to the Second Phase will receive the help of a mentor to specify the key aspects of their social impact project. Each team will be assigned a professional mentor from the business world, from the Fundación ONCE or from the partner companies.

We want to participate and help our environment be simple, so the 25 teams chosen after the First Phase will receive online advice and training:

  • 2 ONLINE TRAINING SESSIONS with the assigned mentor.

Whom X Talento Challenge for?

Who can participate?

Youths between the ages of 14 and 18 (born between 2004 and 2008), with at most 8 members per team, 2 of whom must have some type of disability, although in the Second Phase 3 of the members must have a disability (the contest organisers will help with this, if needed).

The teams will be supervised by a supervisor who will guide them throughout the entire process, and who will register in the right registration form according to whether the group comes from a school, association or any other organisation with its own legal personality.


All public, semi-public and private schools in the country may participate, provided that they offer Compulsory Secondary School (ESO), Baccalaureate and Basic, Middle and Higher Vocational Training, as long as the participants were born between 2004 and 2008.

Flexibility and freedom in assembling the work teams: the members of each team may come from different classes, years or schools.

Associations and other organisations

All educational or training-oriented youth organisations may participate, such as free-time associations, scouts, occupational centres and job-support, job-placement and disability associations, etc. as long as the participants were born between 2004 and 2008.

Flexibility and freedom in assembling the work teams : the members of each team may come from different organisations and/or associations.

X Talento Challenge prizes

3 €6,000 prizes

X Talento Challenge is promoting entrepreneurship and business innovation in youths with and without disability.

The top 3 projects will receive a prize of €6,000 as seed capital to launch their own social impact project.

Gift cards

The members of each winning team will receive a gift card worth €100.

3 iPads

Each tutor in charge of the winning teams will receive an iPad for their involvement and support for the participants.

Finalists X Talento Challenge competition


Congratulations to the 25 teams that have made it to the second phase of the X Talento Challenge with their social impact project!

  • Team PEDRAZA - IES FRANCISCA DE PEDRAZA (Madrid) with the project “No te equivoques de medicamento”

  • Team EVG - ESCUELA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE (Badajoz) with the project “Vístete a ciegas”

  • Team PPE - IES PABLO NERUDA (Madrid) with the project “Todo lo compras, se crea sin barreras. Productos con corazón e inclusión”

  • Team INFLUENCER - IES ÁLVAREZ CUBERO (Córdoba) with the project “Sin barreras all-in”

  • Team ESTELAR - IES EL OLIVO (Madrid) with the project “Occy+”

  • Team NEUL - EPLA ESCUELAS PROFESIONALES LUIS AMIGÓ (Valencia) with the project “Neul”

  • Team ENRÉDAME - COLEGIO SANTÍSIMA TRINIDAD-SANSUEÑA (Córdoba) with the project “enRÉDame”

  • Team CPEE BIOS - BIOS CENTRO DE EDUCACIÓN ESPECIAL (Toledo) with the project “Huerto Inclusivo-Jardín Sensorial”

  • Team OIJLOSALAMOS - COLEGIO LOS ÁLAMOS (Madrid) with the project “infojovenlosalamos”

  • Team AULA ABIERTA - ROSA LLÁCER EDUCACIÓN ESPECIAL (Valencia) with the project “Accesibilidad”

  • Team CAFETERÍA - COLEGIO LA PURÍSIMA EDUCACIÓN ESPECIAL (Zaragoza) with the project “Cafetería”

  • Team SUPERMARKERS - FUNDACIÓN RAFA PUEDE (Murcia) with the project “Pequeña fábrica social”

  • Team CAMALEONES - VIRGEN DEL PILAR EDUCACIÓN ESPECIAL (Cádiz) with the project “Mini Empresa Educativa -Somos futuro-”

  • Team DIVERPET - CPEE SANTIAGO RAMÓN Y CAJAL (Madrid) with the project “Rompiendo barreras”

  • Team COOK 4 YOU - IESO PUBLIO LÓPEZ MONDÉJAR (Cuenca) with the project “Sabores en comunidad”

  • Team TALENTO - INSTITUTO DE PSICO-PEDIATRÍA DR. QUINTERO LUMBRERAS (Madrid) with the project “Mi vida con discapacidad intelectual y TEA, una historia contada por nosotros”

  • Team SANTO ÁNGEL - SANTO ÁNGEL EDUCACIÓN ESPECIAL (Córdoba) with the project “Patio inclusivo y dinámico”

  • Team NEW HUMANIS IN - IES MEDINA AZAHARA (Córdoba) with the project “A place for all”

  • Team ASPANSOR - ASPANSOR ZARAGOZA (Zaragoza) with the project “Un Árbol, una Oportunidad”

  • Team REY ARDID - FUNDACIÓN RAMÓN REY ARDID (Zaragoza) with the project “INCLUGYM”

  • Team PPE y FP - IES PABLO NERUDA (Madrid) with the project “Por un entorno educativo más accesible para todos”

  • Team TOGETHER - ASOCIACIÓN ALBASUR (Córdoba) with the project “Patios inclusivos”

  • Team SIN BARRERAS - IES ARQUITECTO PEDRO GUMIEL (Madrid) with the project “Sin barreras”


  • Team CALDERONES - IES CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA (Madrid) with the project “AplicaDOS”

If you have any questions, please contact the competition organisers at